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Not a typical marketing cleverness will follow.

The marketing noise is flooding the internet merchants. website owners are in a difficult position and the community has a huge marketing toolkit to assert.

Many entrepenuers just twist and turn their head around thanks to the plentiness.

  • Regular communication on social media platforms,
  • Live-on,
  • Facebook, Instagram és Google ads,
  • Remarketing and dynamic remarketing
  • Email marketing
  • Price promotions
  • Coupons
  • Influencers
  • etc.

The emphasis is so much on these methods that they no longer see that there are other revenue generating tools.

For example:

  • rethinking pricing,
  • reducing overhead costs,
  • reducing purchase prices.

This is the outsourcing of full packaging and webshop logistics for a specialized fulfillment company.

What is fulfillment?
Fulfillment takes over all or partial inventory and orders from the webshop. Assemble the packages, issue the invoice, if necessary. He organizes the delivery of packages and receives their returns.

On the company’s shoulders, they can impose tons of burdens on the organisation and supervision of these processes.

It is critically important to serve customers to the maximum, as they are the ones who have an opinion on the purchase process and service. An important part of this process is the nature of the packaging and the quick receipt.

What are the benefits of outsourcing logistics?

  • It is a lot of ​​time freed up by outsourcing and can be used for more important tasks
  • You can give a competitive advantage as your competitor is unlikely to use it yet
  • He stands out from the crowd
  • Taking of enourmes weight from his/her soulder
  • Facilitates the sales process

Only a few percent of sales companies know the fulfillment, but those who use it say:
one of the best decisions of their business life when they next to decide to.

Fulfillment is only for those who think innovatively and want to switch to TURBO.

What is the next step?

Contact us and we will provide you with a quote within 1-2 business days after a short needs assessment.